Sree Ayyappa College for Women, affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University has two well-established research centres attached to the Departments of English and Mathematics. The college aims to provide a platform and support for high-quality research.

Apart from the Supervisors under the two Research Centres, Supervisors are working in Research Centres outside the campus.

Code of Ethics


The Department of Mathematics came into existence in the year 1979. It was later upgraded with PG Department in the year 2008 and was recognised as research centre in the year 2018. The department has three research guides Dr. S. S. Sandhya (Associate Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics), Dr. K. R. Sobha (Assistant Professor of Mathematics),  and Dr. G. Sumathy (Assistant Professor of Mathematics). 8 scholars have so far completed their Ph. D. Currently 12 scholars are doing Ph. D, of which 8 are full-time scholars and 4 are part-time scholars. The department has published around 200 research articles and has conducted various seminars and conferences to promote better research practices.

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List of Supervisors

Sl.No. Name of Scholar Reg. No. & Year of Award of Degree Name of Supervisor Title of Thesis
1 Dr. A. R. Savitha, Associate Professor of English 1 1 1
2 Dr. R. Janatha Kumari, Associate Professor of English
3 Dr. Sheeba Nair, Associate Professor of English
4 Dr. N. U. Lekshmi, Associate Professor of English
5 Dr. L. Dhowmya, Assistant Professor of English
6 Dr. B. Sajeetha, Assistant Professor of English
7 Dr. S. Sreelatha, Assistant Professor of English
8 Dr. S. S. Sandhya, Associate Professor of Mathematics
9 Dr. K. R. Sobha, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
10 Dr. G. Sumathy, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Supervisors in other Centres
11 Dr. M. B. Rose Rani, Associate Professor of Malayalam
12 Dr. Smitha Nair, Associate Professor of Chemistryy
13 Dr. K. V. Jayashree, Associate Professor of Zoology
14 Dr. Sreeya G. Nair, Assistant Professor of Zoology
15 Dr. R. Radha, Assistant Professor of Zoology
16 Dr. S. Uma Devi, Assistant Professor of Botany
17 Dr. M. R. Meera, Associate Professor of Physics
18 Dr. Krishna Veni, Assistant Professor of Tamil
19 Dr. Viji, Assistant Professor of Tamil
20 Dr. M. B. Myla, Assistant Professor of Tamil
21 Dr. D. Lekha, Associate Professor of History
22 Dr. T. Anitha, Associate Professor of History
23 Dr. Anand Lali Seena, Associate Professor of History
24 Dr. P. Leelamoni, Assistant Professor of History
25 Dr. Karthik Nisha, Assistant Professor of History
26 Dr. Pravitha, Assistant Professor of History
27 Dr. Prathika, Assistant Professor of History