Library Committee

Library Committee monitors the efficient and effective working of the College Library. It oversees the library’s management and development.


  • To support and help in decision-making in matters like resources, facilities, and services
  • To work towards modernization and improvement of Library and documentation Services
  • To update the library collections
  • To supervise the allocation and utilization of funds for different departments for the purchase of books and journals for the Central and Departmental libraries
  • To formulate policies and procedures for efficient use of Library resources
  • To adopt measures to enhance readership
  • To seek feedback on Library functions from readers


(a) Dr. S.R. Sudhambika

(b) Dr. R. Janathakumari

(c) Dr. M.R. Meera

(d) Dr. S.S Sandya

(e) Mrs. Y.C. Viji

(f) Dr. K.R. Sobha

(g) Dr. S. Umadevi

(h) Dr. S. Prathika

(i) Dr. N.U. Lekshmi