About Sree Ayyappaa Research Forum(SARF)

Sree Ayyappaa Research Forum(SARF)  is a dedicated entity with a vision to empower women in the realm of academic and applied research. Its mission revolves around fostering a strong research culture, promoting innovation, and encouraging scholarly excellence among its students and faculty.

The Forum’s vision is to create an environment where women researchers feel supported and inspired to pursue diverse research interests. This includes breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields, ensuring equal opportunities, and highlighting the contributions of women in research. The mission is to equip women with the skills, resources, and confidence to excel in research, thereby contributing significantly to their fields and society at large.

Key activities of the Research Forum include organizing workshops on research methodologies, providing mentorship for research projects, facilitating access to research grants and scholarships, and creating platforms for presenting research findings. The Forum also aims to establish networks with other research institutions and industries to enhance collaborative opportunities and real-world impact.

Through these initiatives, the Research Forum strives to nurture a new generation of women researchers, scholars, and innovators, aligned with its vision of gender equality in the research landscape and its mission of promoting academic excellence and practical application of research among women.