Legal Aid Cell

About the Cell
Legal aid cell aim to provide legal assistance and guidance to students and to create awareness about legal rights, offer support in legal matters, and educate students about relevant laws. Services may include organizing workshops, seminars, and legal awareness programs, as well as providing guidance on issues like consumer rights, harassment, and legal procedures. The overall goal of the cell is to empower students with legal knowledge and support.

To create a legal-aware and empowered student community that understands, respects, and upholds justice, equality, and human rights.

To conduct workshops, seminars, and awareness programs to educate students about their legal rights and responsibilities.
To provide free legal aid and guidance to students facing legal issues, ensuring they have access to justice and proper representation.
To empower students with legal knowledge, enabling them to navigate legal processes confidently and responsibly.
To advocate for social justice, equality, and the protection of individual rights within the college community.
To actively engage with the college community, fostering a culture that values legal literacy, ethical behavior, and a sense of social responsibility.
(a) Dr. Anand Lali Seena
(b) Dr. T.S. Archana
(c) Dr. V. Karthik Nisha