Women’s Cell

About the Cell
Women’s Cell Contributes to women empowerment by organizing programmes related to women’s issues, status and rights. Women’s Cell focuses on addressing and promoting the well-being and rights of female students and staff. The Women’s Cell plays a crucial role in fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere within educational institutions and contributes to the overall development and empowerment of women in the academic community.
The Women’s Cell envisions a college community where every woman feels empowered, safe, and respected. We strive for an inclusive and equitable environment that promotes the holistic development of women, fostering a culture of equality and support.

Our mission is to create a campus culture that values and upholds the rights and well-being of women. We are committed to:
Empowering women through education, skill development, and opportunities that enhance their personal and professional growth.
Ensuring a safe and secure environment by addressing and preventing any form of harassment, discrimination, or violence against women within the college premises.
Promoting awareness about gender issues, fostering a sense of responsibility, and encouraging respectful behavior among all members of the college community.
Providing a support system through counseling services, addressing concerns, an

(a) Dr L. Kumari Krishna Veni
(b) Dr. N. U. Lekshmi
(c) Dr. Anand Lali Seena
(d) Dr. B. Sajeetha
(e) Dr T. S. Archana