Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee is in charge of maintaining discipline with the help of student volunteers.


  • To maintain discipline in the activities of the college.
  • To uplift the students’ potential and to develop them as  balanced citizens in the society.
  • To maintain a peaceful, safe and friendly environment in the campus.
  • To scrutinize and prevent any indisciplinary activities.
  • To provide a medium through which the committee can monitor and control the discipline of its students.


(a) Dr. P. Leelamoni

(b) Dr. N.V. Deepa

(c) Dr. Sreeya G Nair

(d) Dr. R.B. Akhila

(e) Dr. T.R. Udayakumari

(f) Dr. S. Sreelatha

(g) Mrs. L. Deepthy Chandran