Literary Club

About the Club:
The Literary Club seeks to ignite a passion for words, inspire creativity, and contribute to a dynamic intellectual culture within the college community. Literary Club also serves as a medium for enhancing the competitive literary skills of students and creating awareness of nationally significant events.

The Literary Club envisions a vibrant and intellectually stimulating space where words come alive, fostering a deep appreciation for literature, language, and creative expression. We aim to cultivate a community of avid readers, writers, and thinkers.

Celebrate the diverse world of literature, exploring different genres, authors, and literary traditions to broaden perspectives.
Inspire and nurture creative writing, poetry, storytelling, and other literary forms, providing a platform for self-expression.
Foster critical thinking and analytical skills through discussions, debates, and literary analysis, encouraging members to engage with texts thoughtfully.
Facilitate cultural exchange by exploring literature from various regions, backgrounds, and historical periods.
Organize literary events, book clubs, and outreach programs to engage with the wider community and promote a love for reading and writing.
Collaborate with other clubs and organizations to integrate literature into interdisciplinary discussions and activities.
Create an inclusive and welcoming environment that encourages participation from all members of the college community, regardless of background or level of literary experience.


(a) Dr. B.M. Myla
(b) Mrs. J.S. Divyasree
(c) Dr. A.K. Viji
(d) Mrs. V.P. Prasaja
(e) Dr. Deepa Nair