About the Department
The Department of Physics was established in the year 1984. Under the able guidance of the dedicated faculty, the students of the Department have shown remarkable achievements in curricular and co- curricular activities. The Department of Physics is a cornerstone of scientific inquiry, delving into the fundamental principles that govern the universe. In our department, we explore the nature of matter, energy, space, and time. Our research spans from the microscopic world of subatomic particles to the vast reaches of the cosmos. The programme of Physics was established in the year 1968. Under the able guidance of the dedicated faculty, the students of the department have shown remarkable achievements in curricular and co- curricular activities.With cutting-edge laboratories and a commitment to excellence in teaching, we aim to unravel the mysteries of the physical world and prepare students for a deep understanding of the fundamental laws that govern our existence. . The laboratory is spacious, well planned and equipped with sophisticated instruments to enhance their practical skills. Seminars, assignments projects and field visits to research centres help to simulate genuine interest in science and infuse the creativity and scientific temper amongst the students. It is to the credit of the department that a large number of students’ opt for higher studies while some turn to campus recruitments. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics is designed to produce graduates who excel in the competencies and values required for leadership to serve a rapidly evolving global community. The curriculum will enhance the student’s academic abilities, personal qualities and transferable skills which will give them an opportunity to develop as responsible citizens. On completion of the course, the students will be able to, understand the concepts and significance of the various physical phenomena, carry out experiments to understand the laws and concepts of Physics and apply the theories learnt and the skills acquired to solve real time problems.


The Department of Physics envisions being a leading centre for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the realm of physics. Our vision is to explore the frontiers of knowledge, pushing the boundaries of understanding the fundamental principles that govern the universe. We strive to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation in the pursuit of scientific excellence.


Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research in physics, ranging from the fundamental nature of matter to the exploration of the cosmos. We are dedicated to providing high-quality education that instills a deep understanding of physical principles and fosters analytical skills. Through collaborative efforts and interdisciplinary approaches, we aim to contribute to technological advancements, address pressing scientific questions, and prepare students for leadership roles in academia, industry and research.


Photo Name Qualification Designation Department Phone No Email ID
Dr.I.S. Prameela Kumari Dr.I.S. Prameela Kumari M.Sc;M.Phil; B.Ed;P.hD HoD & Associate Professor. Physics 9442260688 or)
Mrs.R.G. Ajitha Mrs.R.G. Ajitha M.Sc Associate Professor Physics 9447248636
Dr.C.S.Jayasree Dr.C.S.Jayasree M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D Associate Professor Physics 9445103068
Dr. M.R.Meera Dr. M.R.Meera M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.Phil(Phy),M.Phil(Edn),Ph.D Associate Professor Physics 9443692523
Dr. P.V. Radhika Dr. P.V. Radhika MSc, MPhil, PhD Assistant Professor Physics 9486857141


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