Website Committee

The Website Committee supervises all the aspects of the college website like updating the content and addressing technical issues related to the website.


  • To spread the efforts and the achievements of the College through Website updates
  • To coordinate the hosting of the website and maintenance of the domain name
  • To maintain content, ensure the quality of the content, and administer the system and features of the website
  • To display core values, Vision & Mission, curricular and co-curricular activities, Programme outcomes, Programme specific outcomes, and course outcomes


  1. Dr. K. Meena
  2. Dr. M. B. Rose Rani
  3. Dr. M.R. Meera
  4.  Mrs. J.S. Divyasree
  5. Dr. R. Radha
  6. Dr. A.K. Viji
  7. Dr. G. Sumathy
  8. Dr. R. B Akhila
  9. Dr. S. Prathika
  10. Dr. S. Gayathry Devi
  11. Dr. M. Devi Chinmayee
  12. Mrs. J Sreethi Krishna
  13. Dr. A. J. Gayathri
  14. Mr. S. Yedukrishnan