SES-REC was formed under the direction of Ministry of Education, Government of India through Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Hyderabad. The aim of this Cell is to promote rural social entrepreneurship and community engagement activities among the students and public. Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), formerly National Council of Rural Institutes (NCRI), under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, strives to promote resilient rural India through Higher Education interventions. MGNCRE designs, develops and promotes curriculum inputs for higher education programmes offered by Universities and Autonomous Institutions in India. The higher educational streams of focus for MGNCRE include: Rural Studies, Rural Development, Rural Management, Social Work and Education. Development of higher education curriculum addressing the needs of backward rural areas and their representative higher educational institutions, boosting the flagship social and rural development programmes with focus on education, skill development, employment, livelihoods and Swachh Bharat comprise the core initiatives. MGNCRE seeks to strengthen the rural higher education curriculum and the faculty members transacting it. Capacity building and professionalisation of Rural Institutes, skill development, entrepreneurship, livelihoods, community initiatives, creativity of local groups and proactive development action constitute the core content of MGNCRE research and interventions.

Co-ordinators of SES-REC
SES-REC Committee Co-ordinator : Dr. A.R Savitha
Sanitation and Hygiene (Campus) : Dr. P Pravitha
Sanitation and hygiene (Community|Adopted village) : Dr. R.B Akhila
Waste Management (Campus) : Dr . S.Uma Devi
Waste Management (Community/Adopted village) : Mrs. Y.C Viji.
Water Management (Campus) : Dr .S Gayathry Devi
Water Management (Community/Adopted village) : Dr.M Devi Chinmayee
Energy Management (Campus) : Dr. G. Sumathy
Energy Management (Community/Adopted village) : Mrs. V.P Prasaja
Greenery (Campus) : Dr. M. Suma
Greenery (Community/Adopted village) : Mrs. S. Divyasree

(a) Dr. B Sajeetha
(b) Mrs. S Prathibha
(c) Dr. S Prathika
(d) Dr. N.V. Deepa
(e) Mrs. L.Deepthy Chandran
(f) Mrs. J Sreethi Krishna
(g) Dr. P.V Radhika
(h) Dr. L. Kumari Krishna Veni
(i) Dr. A.J. Gayathri
(j) Dr. R. Vasanthy