Examination Committee

The Examination Committee is a crucial component of the academic framework, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and administering all examination-related activities. This committee,  comprising of  faculty members from various departments, works to ensure the integrity, fairness, and smooth execution of examinations within the college. The Committee takes care of the efficient conduct of all the Internal and External Examinations of the College, as per the norms of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

Their primary duties include setting examination schedules, coordinating with faculty for question paper preparation, secure distribution of exam papers, and ensuring compliance with examination guidelines and standards. The committee is also responsible for arranging examination venues, deploying invigilators, and managing the logistics of exams, including seating arrangements and the provision of necessary materials.. They also address grievances related to examinations, such as revaluation requests or issues raised during the examination process.

By upholding academic standards and ensuring a transparent and efficient examination system, the Examination Committee plays a pivotal role in maintaining the educational integrity and quality of the college.


(a) Dr. V. R. Anjana

(c) Dr. T. Anitha

(b) Dr. K. Meena