Fine Arts Club

About the Club
Fine Arts Club conducts cultural programmes as part of extra-curricular activities, to bring out the hidden talents of the students. The annual youth festival fosters cultural refinement in the students. The club promotes the spirit of serviceability by undertaking infrastructural development projects.
The Fine Arts Club envisions creating a vibrant space that celebrates creativity, self-expression, and artistic exploration. Our vision is to foster a community where individuals can unleash their artistic potential, pushing the boundaries of traditional and contemporary art forms.
The mission of the Fine Arts Club is to provide a platform for students and enthusiasts to engage in various forms of visual and performing arts. We aim to cultivate a supportive environment that encourages artistic expression, skill development, and collaboration. Through workshops, exhibitions, performances, and community outreach, we strive to promote a deep appreciation for the arts, fostering a sense of cultural enrichment and creativity within the broader community.
(a) Dr. P Pravitha – President
(b) Dr. R. Radha – Vice President
(c) Dr. P . V. Radhika – Co-Vice President