Anti-Drug Club

About the Club
The Anti-Drug Club is a proactive initiative aimed at creating awareness, preventing drug abuse, and promoting a healthy, drug-free lifestyle among our students.The club strives to foster a supportive and inclusive environment where students can make informed decisions and actively contribute to a drug-free campus.The activities of the club include boundless programmes through awareness lectures, public rallies, competitions, poster exhibitions, organizing campaigns etc. The club also associates with the counselling cell, discipline committee and other units of the college to provide counselling support, moral guidelines etc to needy students.

To promote awareness, education, and prevention strategies to combat substance abuse within our community.
To create a supportive environment that empowers individuals to make informed, healthy choices and resist the influence of drugs.

To build a drug-free community where individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead fulfilling lives without the harmful impact of substance abuse.
To foster a culture that values health, well-being, and resilience against the challenges posed by drugs through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

Dr.Sreeya G Nair