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Number of Ph.D.s awarded per teacher during the last five years

Name of the PhD scholar
Name of the Department
Name of the guide/sTitle of the thesisYear of registration of the scholarYear of award of PhD
A. Dalin MaryPhysicsDr. K. JayakumariGrowth and Characterisation of Magnesium Sulphate mixed Zinc (TRES) Thiocerea Sulphate Single Crystals20112014
J. Suja RaniPhysicsDr. K. JayakumariGrowth and Characterisation of semi-organic NCO mixed crystals (CHC-CHV)20112014
P.V. RadhikaPhysicsDr. K. JayakumariGrowth and Characterisation of pure and doped C-Augineine Acclate single crustal20112014
L. DhowmyaEnglishDr. S. ChandralekhaAnti-Semitism and Myriad Reflections on Life: An insight into the select novels of Philip Roth 20122015
V. Asha KumariEnglishDr. S. ChandralekhaMultiple Facets of Existence in the Select novels of Orhan Pamuk20122016
Mofanato S K Kala KumariBotanyDr. B. Vasantha KumariStudies on Macrophytes in selected water bodies of Kanyakumari District20122016
M. SumaBotanyDr. B. Vasantha KumariFlowering plants of Western Ghats of Chunkankadai and Characteristics of widely used antiuro lithiatic plants20112017
V. SoniyaCommerceDr. K. MeenaSocial and Economic empowerment of women through Self Help Groups in Kanniyakumari District and Neighbourhood Groups in Thiruvananthapuram District - A comparative study.20132018
S. AnusaMathematicsDr. S. S. SandhyaRoute Mean Sqaure Labelling of Graph20142018
M P AnupamaBotanyDr. B. S. Vasantha KumariPhyto chemical, Biochemical anti oxidant and molecular characterisation of cissampelos PARIVRA.L.20142018
R. Shabi RuskanBotanyDr. B. S. Vasantha KumariPhyto chemical, Biochemical antimicrobial screening and molecular characterisation of canthium parviflorum LAM.20142018
D J Jeeja MolPhysicsDr. K. JayakumariNamo Powder synthesis of pure and metal ion doped cadmium oxide via co-precipitation calcination processing and characterisation20152018