The Department of English was established to provide comprehensive education to rural students, fostering leadership and empowerment through Literature. Its key goals include introducing learners to the art of the English language, instilling literary values, shaping first-generation rural students, and creating a conducive academic environment.

The Department of English has highly qualified and experienced faculty committed to innovative teaching methodologies, research projects, and organizing seminars, the department goes beyond the regular curriculum. With dedicated teachers combining creative and methodical instructional knowledge, the department offers BA English, MA English, and Ph.D. programmes while maintaining global standards and striving for continuous progress.

Additionally, the department serves as a platform for higher studies and placement, offering an annual Bridge Course in English for first-year undergraduate students to enhance their language skills. Emphasizing high-quality, value-based education, the department focuses on innovative and balanced academic programs. The department is equipped with a Language Lab, Library, and ICT classrooms, fostering intellectual growth in English language and literature. The Language Lab and ICT classrooms offer the students an experience and expoure to English language, The Department Library with more than 100 books and computer facility provides a reading and learning space.

Engaging students in various innovative programmes ensure they have a competitive edge in placement and further education. The department excels in curricular, extracurricular, and co-curricular activities, organizing exclusive seminars, workshops, and conferences for continuous development. The Department of English also actively participates in student-centric activities through the English Literary Association of Sree Ayyappa College for Women. These include events such as

These initiatives contribute to the holistic development of students, enhancing their skills and knowledge beyond traditional academic boundaries.



Photo Name Qualification Designation Department Phone No Email ID
Dr. K.E .Padmam Dr. K.E .Padmam M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D HoD & Associate Professor English 9487449546 k.e.padma1964@gmail.com
Dr. Savitha A.R Dr. Savitha A.R MA, NET (English), M.Phil, Phd Associate Professor English 9442646410 savithaar@sreeayyappacollege.com
Dr. R. Janatha Kumari Dr. R. Janatha Kumari M.A(Eng), M. A(MCJ)M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D Associate Professor English 9345532036 drjanatha32@gmail.com
Dr.. Deepa Nair Dr.. Deepa Nair MA, M.Phil, UGC-NET, Ph.D Associate Professor English 9495650340 dnair16@gmail.com
Dr Sheeba S. Nair Dr Sheeba S. Nair MA, M.Phil, Ph.D Associate Professor English 8428636304 athulya.ssn@gmail.com
Dr N U Lekshmi Dr N U Lekshmi MA MEd PhD NET (English) NET (Education) Associate Professor English 9895443553 lekshminivedyam@gmail.com
DR.C.LAKSHMI PRASAD DR.C.LAKSHMI PRASAD MA, M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor English 9487935900 lakshmipreethi31@gmail.com
J S DIVYASREE J S DIVYASREE M.A., B.Ed., UGC-NET Assistant Professor English 9497850593 divyasree.js@sreeayyappacollege.com
Dr. L.Dhowmya Dr. L.Dhowmya M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor English 9790539825 dhowmyal446@gmail.com
Dr B Sajeetha Dr B Sajeetha M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor English 9443899289 sajeethanair2014@gmail.com
Deepthy Chandran L Deepthy Chandran L M.A, M.Ed, SET Assistant Professor English 9895670009 dcsacngl@gmail.com
Dr. S.Sreelatha Dr. S.Sreelatha M.A., M.Phil., SET Ph.D Assistant Professor English 9486186449 sreelathatanu@gmail.com
V.P. Prasaja V.P. Prasaja M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., NET Assistant Professor English 9746730500 prasaja.vp@sreeayyappacollege.com
Sreethi Krishna J Sreethi Krishna J M.A., M.Phil., SET Assistant Professor English 8903886721 sreethimuralij@gmail.com
Dr. A.J. Gayathri Dr. A.J. Gayathri PhD, NET Assistant Professor (Self-Financing) English 9025135337 gayathriarcha@gmail.com


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