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Emerging Trends in Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ETTEP-2015) provided a forum for bringing the various groups working in the area of theoretical and experimental physics on a single platform for exchanging views and reporting research findings. Six invited lectures and forty three contributed papers presented by researchers from various research institutions, state and central universities and colleges .More than one hundred and seventy five participants from all over India participated and presented papers in this conference. In the invited lectures, broad topics like New generation biomaterials for clinical application , High performance SERS substrates,Nano materials , Geomagnetosphere and space weather, Preparation and properties of bulk mixed crystals, Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of oxide and sulphide semiconductors were discussed. Seminar participants presented research papers in the growth of piezoelectric, dielectric, Ferro electric, Acoustoptic and nonlinear, Optical crystals, Astrophysics and nonlinear dynamics. In addition synthesis of nano crystalline materials from various route formed the subject of matter of many presentations and discussion. Thus the seminar became the source for learning and enriching the knowledge of the participants in various fields. We gravely believe that the objective of this National Seminar was highly informative focusing an excellent opportunity for Researchers, Technologists and Industrialists from our Nation to present and discuss the latest technologies thereby promoting the student career opportunities and professional development. Thus the Seminars of these kinds motivate researchers to translate their research findings into plans for industrial growth and national building. Click here to download