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Women’s Cell

Contributes to Women empowerment by organizing programmes related to women’s issues, status and right.

  • a)Dr.M.R. Meera
  • b)Dr.S. Prathika
  • c)Dr.V.Karthik Nishha

Legal Aid Cell

Guides the students in matters related to law and justice.

  • a)Dr.P.R. Jayaprabha
  • b)Mrs.T.P.Bindhu

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

Facilitates placemnt of outgoing students by arranging coaching for competitive examinations and sessions for personality development.

  • a)Dr.S.R. Sudhambika
  • b) Dr.P. Leelamoni

4)Students Counselling Cell

Undertakes to equip the students with confidence to face examinations, harassements and all challenges of life .

  • a)Dr.R.Radha
  • b)Dr.T.Anitha
  • c)Mrs.V.R.Anjana
  • d)Mrs.N.U.Lekshmi
  • e)Dr.L.Dhowmya
  • f)Dr.Sreeya G.Nair