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College Union

The College Union Members- Chairperson, Secretary and Fine Arts Club Secretary are elected every year. The Union initiates the college events with the guidance of the Principal and the faculty members.

  • Miss. Malavika, III B.A.LiteratureChair person
  • Miss. Gopika, III MathsVice-Chairperson
  • Miss. M.Soundarya, III B.ComVice-Chairperson
  • Miss.K.Kavitha, III HistorySecretary
  • Miss. A.S.Lekshmi, III BotonyJoint Secretary
  • Miss.R.Reshma, III PhysicsJoint Secretary
  • Miss Gowri Krishna, III PhysicsFine Arts Club Secretary
  • Miss.C.S.Gopika, III BotanyFine Arts Club Joint Secretary
  • Miss. Sharadhamony, II ChemistryFine Arts Club Joint Secretary
  • )Miss. Chitra, III B.A.LiteratureStudent Counsellor
  • Miss. Akhila M. Thampi, III B.A.LiteratureStudent Counsellor
  • Miss. K.Nisha, III B.A.LiteratureStudent Counsellor
  • Miss. Sreelekshmi, III B.A.LiteratureStudent Counsellor
Parent Teacher Association

Functions with the primary objective of establishing a rapport between parents and faculty and ensuring their support in the effectice functioning of the institution.

  • Dr. B. VasanthakumariPresident
  • Dr. S. SrimathyVice-President
  • Mr. S. SurajSecretary
  • Dr. D. LekhaJoint Secretary
  • Dr. M. SumaTreasurer
  • Mrs. R. BinuExecutive Committee Member
  • Mr. G.S. VijayakumarExecutive Committee Member
  • Mrs. N. BushraExecutive Committee Member
  • Mrs. Sherifa BeeviExecutive Committee Member
  • Mr. S. IyyappanExecutive Committee Member
  • Mrs. StellaExecutive Committee Member

College Staff Club

Periodical meetings of the staff club ensure involvement of the faculty in the smooth functioning of the college.

  • Mrs. V.R.Anjana.Staff Club Secretary